Shortly after its founding days in 2010, Janina & The Deeds experienced some amazing success. The first single „Bye Bye Bye“, a commercial for the Ariel-company, was a daily on-air-runner all over Europe’s TV stations. In no time there were more than 10.000 fans on the former relevant medium Myspace. Yet during this time the band therefore decided to bring out a whole album. Their recipe held earthy rock/pop songs, garnished with a pinch of punk-rock.

First live performances in Berlin, Brandenburg and Hamburg followed for the foursome, occasionally assisted by American legends like Jimi Jamison of Survivor (Eye of the Tiger) and Jenna Sanz-Agero of Vixen (Cryin‘). The Album „Last Girl Standing“ was mastered by five-time Grammy-winner Gavin Lurrssen and soon sold also in America.

The studied young singer was discovered by the internationally renowned producer Robert Papst at a live-concert. Unceremoniously Janina took from her full-time job a part-time affair. Being a prior radio-presenter she now adressed herself throughout to the new project as a singer, guitarist and composer.

Highlights in 2011 were several gigs in America, including the Rock and Pop Masters Festival in Florida. In a line-up with bands like Kool and the Gang and the Spin Doctors, Janina & The Deeds reached more than 10.000 listeners. US radio- stations, such as 91.7 KEGL in Texas, spun songs of the band at the same time.

The single „Dastard Beasts“ climbed the German airplay charts mainstream up to position 88. The snappy bass to this song was delivered by John „Rhino“ Edwards (Status Quo). The single brought a lot of TV coverage in Germany and made JATD big. Their fans loved them.

Rolling on

In 2012 the time had come to do something new. Recent influences greatly enriched the work on the second album. As an appetizer to upcoming results, JATD published the single „The Crown Of Life“, that immediately ranked position 64 in the airplay charts. A frequent presence in German and Austrian TV attended to the radio airplay.

For the new album, Rhino of Status Quo again was enthused to play the bass. And this time he even delivers text and composition (“Heavenly Body”). Matt Beck of Matchbox Twenty (Unwell, Push, She‘s so mean) plays the mandolin and the lap steel, which is a really beautiful instrument and also vigorously contributes to making JATD’s music something very unique. Currently, there is virtually no German band, using this instrument.

Present future

The “Deeds” lead to the perpetrators. More and more internationally successful musicians have joined to work with JATD. And have thus become another new „perpetrator“. Like this, from a precious little band became a large-scale project of many, to which the fans now refer to as „JATD“ and appreciate. Numerous trips to the United States, studio recordings in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York followed in the last years up to now.

The album „II“ is out now. „By Your Side“ was the first radio selected single. The song is about that life seems like a movie often. And in the end, one wishes to be able to rewind it. The Song has been in the official german radio charts since more than 13 weeks. It reached #95 APC and Mainstream #18. On September 5th the second single "Best Man's Thing" comes out.